Bowling Ball
Gender Male
Species Bowling Ball
Team Team Purple
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Cola and Blackcurrant
Enemies Everyone Else
Color Navy and Black
Bowling Ball is a male contestant in Object Land on Team Purple. He hasn't been eliminated and he is the only contestant in Object Land with white eyes. He Is in an alliance with Cola.

He is apparently afraid of spiders. He looks like a daredevil, But kind of isn't, as he went to go push Cheese of the platform and into to acid in the Captain Challenge of The quest for the lost pencil!, in Musical Mayhem! really had no screen time at all, in Come Dine With Me's Challenge, he immediately started to eat, but got scared by a spider. People started to vote him off because he killed the challange for them.

Bowling Ball's voice sounds like Snowball's voice in BFDI,coincidentally, they are both round objects, and have similar personality traits.